Wayward Son

By John Doyle

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  1. The Gallant Poacher
  2. Jack Dolan
  3. The Glad Eye
    The Journeyman
    The Wayward Son
  4. Captain Glenn
  5. Bitter The Parting
  6. The Old Bush
    Expect The Unexpected
  7. The Apprentice Boy
  8. Tie The Bonnet
    Monahan Twig
    A Fair Wind
    The Convenience
  9. The Month Of January
  10. Little Sadie
  11. Eddie Kelly’s
    Reavy’s Tribute To Coleman
  12. The Cocks Are Crowing

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Saw John Doyle perform with John Williams at the Abbey Pub in Chicago a few years ago. There I heard him sing a beautiful cover of Dolores keane’s song The Month of January. Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to find he decided to record it on his newest album.
This album is a mix of tunes and songs. The 2nd track is a version of Wild Colonial Boy, and I must admit I don’t care for this version too much, but that’s just me. Guest musicians and singers on this album include Seamus Egan, Liz Carroll, John Williams, Kate Rusby, and Linda Thompson.
On a more trivial note, I was a bit disappointed to read in the liner notes that Doyle is married, which I didn’t know before. I have a little crush on him.

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Yes, very married

John is married and has a daughter that’s a year old. Sorry. Cathy, John, and child live in Asheville, NC these days.

john doyle tabs

does anyone know of any tabs for john doyle’s "wayward son" cd?

Re: john doyle tabs

Sorry, no, but I’d really like to find a transcription of Jonny D’s from his first album.

John Doyle’s Eddie Kelly’s

Hi all. Out of lurkdom to get some help (sorry I’m not any….you’d have to go to reso-nation.org to find me helpful at all).

I’m recently besotted with John Doyle’s Eddie Kelly’s (on Wayward Son). I looked up Eddie Kelly’s here but it doesn’t seem to be the same tune. Am I right? Anyone familiar with Doyle’s version? Is there music for it somewhere?

Thanks all.

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Re: John Doyle’s Eddie Kelly’s

Well, the tune I know as Eddie Kelly’s is listed here as The Meelick Team; but you must know that already because that’s what’s linked to John Doyle’s Wayward Son listing…

just listened to the snippet of that track available online at Amazon, and it’s a very different version for sure. Sorry I can’t help you…