The Music Makers: Celebrating 35 Years Of Comhaltas In Leeds

By Leeds CCE

  1. Introduction By J. Dwyer
  2. The Boyne Hunt
    The Green Groves Of Erin
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  3. The Maid On The Green
    The Scotsman Over The Border
  4. The Lost Purse
  5. Ned Of The Hill
  6. John Stenson’s No.2
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  7. My Dear Irish Boy
  8. Captain Bing
    Polka ?
    Polka ?
  9. Eleanor Plunkett
  10. Kilcooley’s Wood
    Miss Galvin’s
  11. Within A Mile Of Dublin
    The Traveller
  12. Caledonia
  13. The Battering Ram
    The Leitrim Fancy
  14. Pol Halfpenny
    The New-Mown Meadow
  15. Tommy Peoples’
    The Liffey Banks
  16. The Little Beggar Man
    The Pigeon On The Gate
  17. Siobh Geal gCua
  18. George White’s Favourite
    Fred Finn’s
  19. Once I Loved
  20. The Boys Of The Town
    The Rambling Pitchfork
  21. The Green Mountain
    The Copper Plate
  22. The Eagle’s Whistle
  23. The Mason’s Apron
    The Eel In The Sink
  24. Emigrant Eyes
  25. John Dwyer’s
    Father Kelly’s
  26. Lucy Campbell’s
    The Yellow Tinker
  27. Out On The Road
  28. Slide ?
    Slide ?
    Dawley’s Delight

Ten comments

“Hiroyuki Yamada” alias ‘slainte’ or as some call him ~ ‘Kieran’

Placing blame where blame is due, HY had me out and about and checking out the Leeds branch of Comhaltas. They have released a CD reprenting the branch and the music thereabouts. It is the kind of mix you’d expect from a rich and varied vein of Irish music. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of the actual CD, especially to listen to the polka and slide tracks and put names to the unnamed. I’ll leave that to others and if you let me know I will make any corrections to this entry. But, I had to get it on site if for only one reason ~ our dear Yamadasan, who is a featured musician on track 13, a set of jigs… So all this talk about Yorkshire and playing with the All-Ireland Champs, titles won in 1972 & 2002, has solid basis and even credit given on the back of this CD… Good on yuh slainte…

Apologies that I can say little more, but I enjoyed their show on RTE 1’s Ceili House back in May and so can you…
Listen to he show ~

“May 21st: Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann in Leeds launch their new CD on tonight’s Ceili House. Recorded recently at the Leeds Irish Center, expect a wonderfully entertaining night with local musicians and singers led by the Leeds Ceili Band and Michael Tennyson.”

NOTE: the reference above to All-Ireland Champs for 1972 & 2002, it was “The Leeds Ceili Band” ~ which HY alias slainte alias Kieran played with…

Hey! Don’t type my real name!

By the way, you can barely hear me on only 4 tracks.

Track 15 try changing Liffy to Liffey Banks so that it will link to the tune archive.

“The Liffey Banks”

I have tried changing it to the correct spelling, after first cutting and pasting it in. It won’t change, but I’ll keep trying. In the meantime I’ll put the incorrect spelling as an alternate title…but I’ll keep trying to get it to take here…

Oh yes, specific attribution for Kieran:

“Just let you know I also appear on tracks 2, 8, 28 of Leeds CCE CD. I’m pretty sure all the polkas and slides are already on TheSession site.”

The CD, which I don’t have, does not list the names of the polkas or slides, so Kieran, if you want to provide those I will change the unlisted to names with links…

Hallelujah! ~ I got the spelling to take finally…

Thanks Kenny. I think I loaned out my copy. I had intended on adding the missing names but couldn’t find it. I’ll have to do another search for it, or ask around…