Celtic Fiddle Festival

By Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaitre

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Re: Celtic Fiddle Festival

Consists of Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, and Christian Lemaitre.I think its a 1993 recording.

"The Celtic Fiddle Festival "

Green Linnet, 1993 - GLCD1133

The three fiddlers:
Kevin Burke - Johnny Cunningham - Christian LeMaître

& a guitarist: John McGann

Canyon Moonrise

This fine site’s ‘Recordings’ section includes ‘Celtic Fiddle Festival’ by the group of guys by the same name - ( they are Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, and Christian Lemaitre)

I was bowled over by track 10 - "Canyon Moonrise" - by John McGann. John has kindly given the sheet music on his website - here is the link


If you like it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy "Floating from Skerry", which I was introduced to by Session member, great fiddler and excellent chap Cod Fiddler. That one’s at


Both are copyright, but too good not to share with you!
Enjoy !

Important update!

The Tune before Rondes de Loudeac is mistitled Melodie, the title of the tune is La Jolie Bateliere and I just submitted it today. The track will be complete if somebody corrects the title