Cooley’s House

By Conor Keane

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Clareman Conor Keane is best known for his time with ‘Four Men & a Dog’ also ‘Arcady’ & a spell with ‘Frances Black’.

He tells us he got the tunes for this recording from the following sources:
Joe Cooley, John King, Micho Russell, Shaskeen & Willie Clancy.
He learned the slides (Track 2) on side one from Eamonn McGivney & ‘The Flowing Tide’ from Chris Droney


Conor Keane - Accordions
Niall Sheedy - Guitar
Kevin Griffin - Banjo
Kevin Crawford - Bodhran (!)
Alan Keane Bass on Konsta P V

MCPS 1993
Harmony Row Studios - Ennis (065 87159)

A Kerry Slide

The link on the details page is wrong—it links of a (Kerry Reel).

I believe this slide is Danny O”Shea’s, although it is played a bit differently on this recording than the posted ABC.

Check it out at:

This recording has been one of my favorites since I bought it in Ireland about 10 years ago. The box/banjo numbers are particularly tasty.