Broken Hearted I’ll Wander

By Dolores Keane, John Faulkner with Kieran Crehan, Eamonn Curran

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  1. The Ploughboy
    Doctor O’Neill
  2. The Month Of January
  3. Will Ye Go To Flanders?
  4. Tommy Peoples’
    Mary Shore
  5. Johnny Lovely Johnny
  6. Mouth Music
    Eddie Curran’s Favourite
  7. The Low Low Lands Of Holland
  8. The Kyle Brack Rambler
    Miss McGuinness
    Speed The Plough
  9. Allan Tyne Of Harrow
  10. The Home Ruler
    Cross The Fence
  11. Bonnie Light Horseman

Eight comments

Still sounds good to me

I was cleaning out my room and found a lot of old tapes, one of which was this recording. I haven’t heard it in several years, but I sure do enjoy it as much as I did when it was new. For me, it has stood the test of time, unlike a lot of recordings I’ve purchased in the past.

Great recording. Thanks for posting it. What’s the name of the fiddler? His fiddling on that set of jigs (track 4) is so smooth and pleasant to listen to.

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True, but I thought I remembered that there was another fiddler on this recording, one whom I never heard elsewhere but was just fantastic. The reason I think this is, back home my dad has this on vinyl, and on the back cover there is a picture of four musicians--and boy, could you tell it was the 1970s!

Well, I’ll just look it up some time. Maybe I should try Google the Omnipotent.

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Kieran Crehan is the Fiddler

Why did I ever doubt Google’s power? After a few false starts it revealed to me that the name of the fiddler on this recording is Kieran Crehan.

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