Second Album

By Boys Of The Lough

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Boys’ Second album

Forgot to comment on this after posting it. The “Boys” 2nd recording saw the departure of Dick Gaughan, his replacement being North-East of England multi-instrumentalist Dave Richardson. Some fine Shetland music on this recording – the opening set of reels, and also the 2 “listening” tunes – and a mixed bag of music from several counties of Ireland. A couple of Kerry slides, “The Halting March” from the North, Cathal plays a solo of “Patsy Campbell” on whistle in the style of Miko Russell, and I believe this was the first recording to introduce the “Gravel Walk”, from Donegal to a wider audience, [ it certainly was in Scotland.] The version of the “Gold Ring” is a lesser-played 5-part version. There’s also the show-piece “Mason’s Apron”, with both Cathal and Aly going through all the variations on whistle and fiddle, respectively.
The singing on the album is probably an “acquired taste”, but I still like Robin Morton’s version of “Sally Munro”.

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Re: Second Album

Great album. I especially like "Sally Munroe": such a sad song.