I Will If I Can

By John Carty

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I Will If I Can

Racket Records RR005

John Carty - Tenor banjo, tenor guitar, fiddle
Alec Finn - Bouzouki, tenor guitar, acoustic guitar
Brian McGrath - Piano Tenor Guitar
Johnny “Ringo” McDonagh - Bodhran


Where Can You Buy John Cartys C.D I Will if i can!!

If you Know Could You Leave a Link or Email Me are Just Leave the Web address in the discussion.Thanks

Re: Where Can You Buy John Cartys C.D I Will if i can!!

Try emusic.com.

Brilliant album, a lot of excellent versions, especially on the tenor guitar.

After the more “fiddle oriented” cds, that’s very nice to have a new banjo album from HIM 🙂


Re: Where Can You Buy John Carty’s CD I Will If I Can

Direct through Racket Records at racket@iol.ie

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Does anyone else think he throws in too many variations? I mean, he barely plays the same way twice in any round of the tunes. I find it hard to listen to because of this. He’s clearly a brilliant musician, especially as a fiddler, but his banjo playing is a bit OTT for me.

John not James….

Somehow, 3 of John Carty’s recordings are listed here as by James Carty, who to my knowledge, has only made 1 CD. Corrections required, please.

Whistler at the Wake - not Haunted House

The second jig in Brian Rooney’s set is Whistler at the Wake (also by Vincent Broderick). Excellent CD!

excellent cd,like a breath of fresh air,lifts your spirits to listen to this musician play