The Windy Gap

By Laurence Nugent

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A good album overall. His Collier’s/Toss the Feathers set is well, frankly, kick ass.

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Forgotten Whistle/Flute CD Gem

I love this album and was horrified to see not keeping it in stock and being sold used for over $40. It is still being sold at the regular price at the Shenachie web site. Like Flook, its really innovative. Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill contribute to this album.


and so does Kevin Henry , on Track 6. My kind of players.

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"Laurence Nugent: The Windy Gap"

A personal opinion, after bearing up through all 14 tracks & some repeats ~

Sorry, but to my sense of this shared passion ~ except for track 6 which features Kevin Henry from Tubbercurry, County Sligo, appreciated and valued ~ I find this recording silly, pretentious and irritating. For me, it takes away from the music, interferes with it, rather than adding something of value or interest to it. I don’t just mean what usually winds me up, like smarmy reverb, but that is prevalent too. The trad tunes get the shtick with schlock and the compositions add to the silliness, are insipid.

I realize this will likely fit some folks tastes, yuh choose your preferences, and those fond of the Martin Hayes school of interpretation and adjustments are not a small population, but I’m no follower. It may go well with California wine bars, mod 4-wheel drive utility vehicles, boutiques and quietly filling the limited space and time in a Hilton Hotel elevator on St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas, Nevada ~ but it only makes me grimace and shake my head and long for a quick curative, like Josie McDermott.

For those who might assume wrongly ~ no, I am not a purist or strict traditionalist, though I readily will admit that in general I have a greater respect, appreciation and love for the old, the less adorned, the unpretentious. The occassional hybrid, like with the lovely Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) and tomatoes, can be lovely and tasty, and musical hybrids can too, can be done masterfully, tempered and informed, and with respect can tweak my interest and fancy, and have. For me, this don’t do it…

Track 6, Kevin Henry ~ brilliant!

Thady Casey’s

Laurence seems to have an odd version of this tune with a completely different second part; its a good version though; wondering if anyone else knows the origin of this version

In response….

Have added comment to "Thady Casey’s".

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Track 7 - "The Green Eyed Lass" - by Steve Doyle, guitarist from Chicago.
Track 10 - "Sean Og’s" - written by Larry himself for his son.
Track 11 - "Sean O’Driscoll’s" - by Sean O’Driscoll

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People are sometime interested in this. According to the sleeve notes, "Laurence plays Patrick Olwell Concert Flute and B flute. Whistles are made by Michael Copeland and Michael Burke".

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