By Michael McGoldrick

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I have only listened to the album two or three times so far but there are some great trad tracks as well as some that may be a bit too much jazz/fusion for many.
This is closer to “Fused” than to McGoldrick’s other offerings.
Track 7’s vocals just don’t fit in as far as I am concerned but all the other tracks will get transferred to my MP3 player.

I tried listening to this at a cd shop several days ago, but I couldn’t find any trad tracks. Twas fun to listen to though.

Maybe the trad tracks are a little bent in places but still very recognisable trad playing of the melody and trad tunes.

best cd ever.

dont be afraid of some drums and bass.

a lot of you are living in the past

mcgoldrick is a legend.!!!!!!!!!

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Best cd ever

i agree with fused. This is another quality product from Michael mc goldrick. there are Some great tunes on there and the arangement is fantastic


I have always regarded Fused as my favourite album so I had high expectations of Wired. I haven’t been disappointed and I enjoy the mix of traditional and more modern tunes and arrangements. I like track 7 but I must admit that I was a little puzzled when I first heard it in the car.

McGoldrick’s playing is once again sublime and I do feel that his arrangements and playing is far more accessible than the sort of stuff you hear from others. I hope that Wired is listened to by a wider audience as it deserved to be appreciated.

I posted this and I like it more every time I listen to it. It has been in my car CD player constantly for over one week.

Still in my car 2

the cd is still in my car aswell and will remain there for some time he is playing @ the baltic in gatehead on friday 28th october as part of womex should be good

Track 5 2nd tune.
I am assuming that the beach in question is our own local beach here in the west of Oz. McG went here for a swim on the morning after his last gig down here in Perth. To get a feel for the tune check out the photos:

Awesome album, but who wrote…

I downloaded this from tradtunes.com, and as great a site as it is, they don’t give you any liner note information… Who wrote The Edinburgh Rock? Best new tune I’ve heard in a long time!

Dave Lim

I haven’t seen him in years, but Dave Lim, last time I met him was an uilleann piper, and as far as I know is neither him nor his instrument are Scottish.

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So I see, I was just regurgitating what it said on the other page.