Scottish Fire

By Bonnie Rideout

  1. Grant’s Rant
    The Brown-Haired Daughter
    Innes Of Sandsides’
    The Gentle Milkmaid
    Stuart’s Rant
  2. The Champion Of The Seas
    Over The Isles To America
    Pop Goes The Weasel
    Rossie Castle
  3. Oh Onochie O
  4. Grace Hay’s Delight
    Dunkeld House
    Mrs. McGee’s
  5. The Highlands Of Scotland
    The Lowlands Of Scotland
    Kelo House
    Miss Clementina Stewart
  6. Lude’s Lament
  7. The Brown-Haired Lad
    O My Boatman
  8. Tibby Fouller O’ The Glen
    The Lonach Highland Fling
    Miss Shepherd
    Dr. Gordon Stables’
  9. Brose And Butter
    Cuzie Together
    Elsie Marly
  10. What The Devil Ails You
    Loch Ness
  11. The 156th Brigade At The Battle Of Romani
  12. Purser’s Air
    Fishing Off Eilean Na H’airde