Humours Of Lissadell

By Seamus McGuire and Manus McGuire

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Humours of Lissadell

This LP was recorded in 1980 - Folk Legacy Records Inc. - FSE 78

Seamus tells us that the two brothers had little choice in the matter of taking up the fiddle cause their parents were both keen fiddle enthusiasts - & they grew up in Sligo!

They grew up then with the music of Coleman, Morrison, McGuire & Lad O’Beirne ringing in their ears.

The Larry Redican’s Reel at the end of this recording is on file here, also known as Walsh’s.

Track 3…

…is the original slow air from which the jig was derived. The link is going to the jig.

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Track 6 - Winter Apples / Connemara Stockings

The second reel of track 6 has been mistakenly entered above as Apples in Winter. On the album they call it Winter Apples (at least on my version ), which is more usually known as the Connemara Stockings: