Camp House Ballads

By Jimmy Crowley and Stokers Lodge

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  1. The Coal Quay Market
    Jackie Daly’s
  2. The Man Of Constant Sorrow
  3. When I Was A Bachelor
    John Stenson’s
  4. The Bantry Girls Lament
  5. The Meet Was At Mathews
  6. I Know My Love
  7. The Groves Of Blackpool
  8. Master Crowley’s
    Willie Reynolds
    Seamus Creagh’s
    Toss The Feathers
  9. The Star Of Sunday’s Well
  10. Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down, Con Shine ?

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Jimmy Crowley & Stokers Lodge

Camp House Ballads was released in 1979 on the Mulligan Label.

They were:
Jimmy Crowley - Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica, Mando-Cello, Bouzouki & Melodeon
Johnny Murphy - Harmonium & Guitar
Eoin O’ Riabhaigh - Whistles & Uilleann Pipes
Mick Murphy - Bass Mandolin, Guitar & Mandolin
Christy Twomey - Concertina, Autoharp & backing vocals

P. S. Re: the current thread on beards - three of these guys sported full beards, one a moustache & only one was clean shaven!

In the late 70’s I tramped around many of the festivals & sessions of Ireland, for a couple of years, with a cheap Japanese Banjo with no makers stamp, so, for the craic I stuck one of those Mulligan LP Label stickers on the head of it, & you’d be amazed the number of times a punter came up to me & said -

“Oh, a Mulligan Banjo eh! I heard they were very good”

Re: Camp House Ballads

1979 Mulligan release; corrected to include Stokers Lodge above.

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