Carolan’s Favourite

By Derek Bell

  1. Aedh O Domhnaill
    All Alive
    Maire Ni Neill
    Carolan’s Fancy
  2. Squire Wood’s Lamentation On Ye Refusal Of His Halfpence
  3. Sean Jones
    Robert Jones
  4. Lady St John
    Donnchadha O Conchubhair
  5. David Poer
    Seamus Og Pluuincead
  6. Cian O HEaghra
    Marbhna Thoirdhealbhach Og Mhic
  7. Bantighearna Dhioluin
  8. Michael O Conchubair
  9. Brighid Cruis
    Carolan’s Welcome
    Madam Keel
  10. Coirneal Pamar
    The Right Reverend, The Lord Bishop Mac Mahon Of Clogher
  11. Sean O HAirt, An Tighearna Oirmhidneach Easpoig Achadh Conaire
    Catriona O Mordha
  12. Betti Nic Dhiarmada Ruardh
    Anna Bean Mhic Dhiarmada Ruaidh
  13. Carolan’s Variations On Cock Up Your Beaver

Two comments

Carolan’s Favourites - The Music of Carolan volume 2

PHEW! That was a nightmare. I should have left this posting to a Gaelic speaker!

1979 Claddagh Records - CC28
“File under 18th Century Irish Harp Music”

Lovely photo of the 1650 Castle O’Ffogerty Harp on the back cover.

Surprise, surprise, Derek has a few friends with him on this LP - can you guess who they might be?

Yip - Paddy Moloney, Sean Potts, Michael Tubridy, Sean Keane, Martin Fay & Kevin Conneff. Oh yes & the New Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Amazing - only one of these tunes is recognised here! 🙂