Irish Night

By The Gallowglass Ceili Band

Two comments

The Gallowglass Ceili Band

The Gallowglass Ceili Band were born just before meself in around 1949/1950, in Pat McGarr’s home town of ‘Jigginstown’, near Naas, Co. Kildare.

In 1953 they won the All Ireland Ceili Band Competition, & then again in ‘54 & ’55 - a hatrick!

Just take a look at the instrumentation here & think of what we, now regartd as the ‘traditional’ line up of instruments for a Ceili Band!

Pat McGarr - Piano Accordion
Jimmy McGarr - Vocal & Bass
Peggy McGarr - Violin
Sean Keogh - Clavioline & Piano
Paddy Dunne - Drums
Tommy Lundy - Guitar
John Greville - Vocal
Brendan Breen - Accordion

Incidentally, the front cover of this LP shows John Kelly ‘senior’ standing fiddling on a grassy bank with Dan O’Dowd, I think it is, on Pipes sitting beside him.
On the road in front of them are a group of competition dressed, set dancers.
To the side of the dancers is one of those famous Irish crossroad signs, a real one, with various destinations pointed out & this one shows Rathfarnham 4 miles in one direction & somewhere with the glorious name of ‘Stepaside’ 6 & a half miles in the opposite direction.

Oh, not that it’ll make any difference now, but this LP is on the Hallmark Label - HM 605 & it was recorded in 1968!

Oh yes & the bonus is that this LP is actually signed by the man himself - Pat McGarr!

Re: Irish Night

This is a fantastic record I picked it up on a Charity shop Vinyl trawl for £1.99 in perfect nick! Great for practicing Bodhran especially with the snare/side drum percussion on the record. There is also great melodic invention in the tunes with reels, jigs, hornpies and marches clearly labelled, this was and is the real thing….as you know Planxty all came from Kildare with the exception of Andy Irvine, so you can see where they got it!