Irish Dancer

By Larry McKee And The Shandonairs

  1. March Of The Isles
  2. Pig Tail Bridge
    Andy McGann’s
  3. Hinchey’s Delight
    Kinnegad Slashers
    Hartigan’s Fancy
  4. The Robin
    Spellan’s Inspiration
  5. Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre
    Midlothian Pipe Band
    Duke Of Atholl’s
  6. Piper In The Glen
    My Love Is But A Lassie
    Dornoch Links
  7. Bulger’s
    O’Connor’s Favourite
    Tim The Turncoat
  8. Comb Your Hair
    Trottin’ To Larne
  9. Green Glens Of Antrim
    A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing
    The Wild Rover
  10. Planxty Davis
  11. The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
  12. Youghal Harbour
  13. The Blackthorn Stick
  14. Planxty Hugh O’Donnell
  15. The White Blanket
  16. The Rambling Rake
  17. The Fiddler Around The Fairy Tree
  18. Rub The Bag

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Larry McKee And The Shandonairs

This was their fourth LP. The emphasis on this recording is strict tempo for dancers, with the whole 2nd side devoted to set dances.

This one was released on the Dominion label - LPS 93066

Their previous LPs were:
Let’s have a Ceili - LPS 1377
Come Back to Erin - LPS 1382
Musical Sounds of Ireland - LPS 48502

This group, who have strong Ulster connections, were:
Larry McKee - 1st Accordion - He emigrated from Dungannon, Co Tyrone in the late 50’s to Toronto.
Bob Patton - 2nd Accordion - Born in Newtonards, Co Down.
George Wilson - Violin & Mandolin - From Ballynashee, Co. Antrim. Won 32 Irish Fiddle Championships, including the All Ireland.
Jimmy O’Neill - Drums - A native of Larne, Co. Antrim.
Vic Jensen - Guitar & Piano - The Band’s only native Canadian!
Mike Duke - Bass - From Tara, Co. Meath.

Oh yes, lucky me, this LP was signed by George himself:
George Wilson Regards ‘75

How come ppl don’t play these tunes anymore? What happened?

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What makes you think "ppl don’t play these tunes anymore" ? Depends where you live.
By the way "Ptarmigan" [ original poster ] - there are a couple of typos, and missing apostrophes which I’m going to edit. Might help with the links. Hope all well with you - Kenny.

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Half the album - tracks #10 - #18 - are set dances, which tend not to be played very much in sessions, unfortunately, so "kook" would be right in that sense, although I would think them very common in being played for solo dances.
Tunes in tracks #3, #5 and #6 are certainly regularly played in Scotland - I’ve heard 4 of them played in the last week.

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