Dance Time In Ireland

By Larry McKee And The Shandonairs

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  1. Brian Kearney’s
    The Irish Rover
  2. The Teetotaler’s
    Goldie’s Favourite
  3. Michael Wilson
  4. Farewell To The Tay
    Bugle Call
    Weaver And His Wife
  5. Kerry Dance
    How Can You Buy Killarney
    My Own Lovely Lee
  6. Ryan McKee’s Frolics
    Auld Lammas Fair
    McNamara’s Band
  7. The Flowers Of Spring
  8. The Boys Of Ballysodare
  9. The Cotton
  10. The Dawn
  11. Kelly’s
    The Carraroe
  12. Jimmy O’Neill’s
    Margaret Thornton’s
  13. Kitty’s Rambles
    My Darling Asleep
  14. The Plough And Stars
    The Silver Spear
    The Sally Gardens
  15. A Bunch Of Violets
    O’Dwyer Of The Glen
  16. The Peat In The Bog
    The Rover’s Return

Two comments

Larry McKee And The Shandonairs

Another Canadian recording - 1975 - Boot International - ITB 4000

In her sleeve notes, Margaret Wallin remembers her old ceili days back home in Ireland & she says, & I quote “They would come around on their ceili a few times a month and, after a couple of mugs of strong tay, with a swig of the hard stuff added” - Ah ha, so you see, I’m not the only one drinks that stuff. Only I call it, a Cup of Tea, with ‘a Surprise’!

Band on this recording was:
Larry McKee - 1st Accordion
Bob Patton - 2nd Accordion
George Wilson - Fiddle, Phono Fiddle, Mandolin & Tin Whistle
Vic Jensen - Piano, Bass & Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Thornton - Bass & Piano
Jimmy O’Neill - Drums