Doctor A’s Secret Remedies

By Four Men And A Dog

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  1. Papa Green’s Tree
    The Blue Reel
  2. Bertha
  3. The Maid I Never Forgot
    The Lads Of Laoise
    First Month Of Summer
  4. Mother Of Mercy
  5. The Silver Spire
    A Punch In The Dark
  6. Take It On Back
  7. Sometimes Samba
    The Samba Reel
    The Samba Rap
  8. Hollow Time
  9. The Woodstock
    The Birmingham
    Galway Rambler
    The Reconciliation
  10. Last Night
  11. Heading West
  12. Hector The Hero & Me

Four comments

Doctor A’s Secret Remedies

Not many toons on this 1995 recordin, I’m afraid, but interesting to notice that the guys fan club is based in Aberdeen!

A Punch In The dark

First Tune is the Silver Spire. Second Tune Is A Punch in the Dark

The blue reel

would be grateful if anyone could point me towards the sheet music for this tune or give me alternate name. thanks

Doctor A’s Secret Remedies

I can’t help the feeling that the first tune on track 9 (“The Woodstock”) is supiciously like “The Kilfodda”.