In Tandem

By Kevin Burke And Ged Foley

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In Tandem

I’ve submitted this after working up Across the Black River from the 2nd track. Lovely setting of the tune in Bmin.

Oh Boy!

Just ordered my copy from Custy’s. Can’t wait!

The tunes and the fiddle playing are OK..but why does Ged Foley keeps on singing?

Now I’m happy

… just to hear Kevin playing the beautiful old version of the Rambling Pitchfork just the way it deserves to be played!

Songs are written to be sung…

That’s why Ged Foley keeps on singing. 8)


he also has a good ear for a good song.

Re: In Tandem

The second reel of the first track is named Cuz Teahan’s in the CD. I changed the name here because there’s no way to link the actual tune by using ‘Cuz Teahan’s’.