By Matt And Shannon Heaton

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  1. My Love Is In America
    Alternate Routes
    Under The Festival Tent
  2. Mist Covered Mountain
    Tell Her I Am
  3. Heartland
    The Anniversary
  4. F Stop
    The Noisy Curlew
  5. Lemony Lullaby
  6. Three Days To Go
    The Girl That Broke My Heart
  7. Oil For The Chain
    The Ship In Full Sail
    Micho Russell’s
  8. Keeper Of The Game
    The Ashplant
  9. The Nor’easter
    Saturday’s Soup
  10. Road To Garrison
    Maids Of Mitchellstown
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  11. Fair Jamie
  12. Only For Barney
    The Small Girl
    Sheep On The Mountain
  13. Marching To Crystal Lake

Two comments

Oh what’s not to like really…

Cool tunes, groovy yet crisp playing, and lovely songs from the husband and wife duo from Boston. Primarily flute/whistle and guitar. Good mix of chunes (new and old) and songs (also new and old).

But the warmth! It sounds good in my house. I don’t mean that I have a super audio system. I mean that this recording is warm and homey and has an comforting feel to it. You’ll feel good about life (or the promise of a better one) by the time you get to the end.

And here’s a plug for Matt and Shannon:

Good stuff

This is great music, from nice people. Worth tracking down and purchasing.