By Gordon Gunn Band

  1. Mulvihill’s
    The Galway Rambler
    Bobby Casey’s No.2
    Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie’s
  2. J.D Peace Of Shoreside
    Ton & Mima’s Golden Wedding
    The Dragon
  3. La Coccinelle
    Montgomery Bell
  4. La Gigue A M.Lasante
    Le Reel Des Quatre Fers En L’air
    Reel Beatrice
  5. Orkney
  6. Derrane’s
    Dublin Porter
    The Missing Signpost
    Andy Brown’s
  7. Castlebay Scrap
    Mouth Of The Tobique
    Mitten’s Breakdown
  8. Return To The Brandy Wine
  9. The Barrowburn
    Walking On The Moon
    Elliot’s Fancy
    John Keith Laing
  10. Slow Air For Margaret
  11. Hogties
    The Wooden Whale
  12. Nancy Finlayson
  13. Salton De Candamu
    Dos Salees
    PM Donald MacLean’s
  14. The Fair Dancer
    The Mason’s Apron

Two comments

Re: Shoreside

Chris Haigh recommended this album on his website where he discusses notable modern Scottish fiddlers. Really glad I got it. Great album! Lovely fiddle playing.

Re: Shoreside

From the Gordon Gunn website:

Gordon Gunn Band - “Shoreside” Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX 204 (2000)
Musicians: Gordon Gunn – fiddle / mandolin, Phil Anderson – guitar / bass / percussion / keyboards, Billy Peace – piano / accordion / percussion, with guests Ian MacKay – double bass & Andy Thorburn - piano