Clan Ranald

By Martin Tourish And Luke Ward

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  1. Tripping Down The Stairs
    Ballymagan Fairies
  2. Auntie Maedhbh’s Secret Recipe
    Ardara Sessions
  3. Siúns
    Francie Tourish’s
    Deep Waters
  4. The Fortune Teller
    Ómos Do Dr McAuley
  5. Martin Wilson’s
    Bushfire Dreaming
    Granny Tourish’s
    Nothing Fancy
  6. Caonadh ár gCultúr
  7. Prayer Of The Nightwanderer
    The Moon Over Muckross
    The Chase!
  8. Piobaire A Chéididh
    The Tap Room
    The Easy Club
  9. Ode To St. Patrick
    Sarah Ward’s
    Munera De Casu
  10. Piper In The Cave
    Kevin’s Capers
    Paddy Taylor’s
    Busy Lizzie’s
  11. Valley Sound
    The Reelin Sessions
  12. Leanbh Mo Chroí
  13. The Swearing Parrot

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The album

this is the debut album, only just out and available by typing in the album or artists name at took over a year to make and includes guest appearances from: Cíaran Tourish(altan), Steve Cooney, Stiofan O Broin, Cíaran Tackney, Terry Mc Ginty, and dancers Francie O Callaghan and Shane Corr.

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the paddy taylors on the album is a reel and not the jig listed here… will upload any tunes people want from it if emailed.

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Great CD

I just goy my copy of this CD yesterday in the mail from Claddagh. All I can say is wow! Martin and Luke are great players, and Martin a prolific composer of some really nice tunes. Bouzouki enthusiasts take note that Luke is very much front and center throughout, taking the occasional lead and supplying plenty of zouk runs. Martin has a very fluid style. It’s all very well done. Highly recommended. Great one guys.

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Can’t wait

Nice one Mairtin, I will get hauld of it as soon as there is cash.

We tune ’cause we care.

Phenomenal Stuff

Wow! I heard a clip from this album on the Late Late Session and I think I’m going to have to order it. I was looking at an older thread the other day where someone was bashing the piano accordion and Martin jumped on there and put that person in their place. I agreed with everything he said then but the person who started that whole argument as well as anyone else who disses the instrument should listen to this CD and see if they can keep from changing their minds. Good job Martin, way to hold it down! Those arpeggios you threw into that Easy Club set sound great by the way.

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……………..(tht would b speechless!)

Klass cd altogether!!! recommend it to absolutly everyone!! hehe