Traditional Irish Music In America: The East Coast

By Various Artists

  1. The Congress
    The Green Groves Of Erin
  2. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Boys Of The Lough
  3. The Banks Of Newfoundland
    The Woodford
  4. Within A Mile Of Dublin
    The Spike Island Lassies
  5. Barrel Rafferty’s
  6. The Stranger
    The Golden Slipper
  7. The Boys Of Ballisodare
    The Duke Of Leinster
  8. Money Musk
    Keel Row
  9. The Maid In The Cherry Tree
    The Wexford Lassies
  10. McGovern’s Favorite
  11. The Oak Tree
  12. The Widow’s Daughter
    The Flogging
  13. The Ballinakill
    The Bridge
  14. An Phis Fhliuch
    O’Farrell’s Welcome
  15. Paddy Kelly’s
  16. Lad O’Beirne’s
    Spellan The Fiddler
    The Golden Eagle
  17. Buckley’s
    The Copper Plate
  18. The Coal Miner’s
    Farewell To Kilrae
  19. The Congress
  20. The Concert
    Miss McLeod’s
  21. The Rookery
    Saddle The Pony

Six comments

The East Coast

My Dad had this album and as a kid I heard it many times without knowing what it was, only knowing it was called “The east Coast”. I think I assumed it was music from Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford and thereabouts. Years later I come to find out these are folks who were out and about in the same neck of the woods as I, in many cases still are! I’d say this album infected me with the ITM virus while I was still too young and impressionable to fight back.

Up the East Coast!

On an Internet radio station I heard the recording of Maureen Fitzpatrick (where is she now?) ripping out “The Oak Tree,” and I bought the album immediately. The track with Mulvihill and McComisky playing The Coal Miner’s is second to none. It’s a brilliant collection. Buy it now!

My almost-two-year-old son requests this CD every night, as soon as we get in the door, by pointing at the stereo and yelling, “CD, CD, CD!” If he doesn’t hear this particular CD when I hit play, he whines until I change the disc. Then his very original form of step-dancing ensues, until he realizes that he wants to eat Cheerios more than express himself artistically.

Up the East Coast!

Maureen Fitzpatrick

Not only do I know where she is now, I played with her only two weeks ago. She is not playing like she used to (much pain in her hands, probably from being a national champ in Irish Fiddling by the age of 15) - but when she does, she rips it up royally!

Oh - she lives in Westchester County, just north of NYC.

A rescued duplication…

Recording from 1977


1. Sean McGlynn, Mike Flynn, Jack Coen, Maureen Glynn
2. Brian Conway, Mick Moloney
3. Jack Coen, Mick Moloney
4.JamesKeane, Mick Moloney
5. Mike Rafferty, Mick Moloney
6. Tim Britton
7. John Vesey, Eddie Cahill, Mick Moloney
8. Gene Kelly
9. Tony de Marco, Tom Sparks
10. Mike Flynn
11. Maureen Fitzpatrick
12. Brian Conway, Tony de marco
13. Sean McGlynn, Mick Moloney
14. Maureen Fitzpatrick
15. John Fitzpatrick
16. Charlie Coen
18. Bendan Mulvihill . Billy McComiskey
19. Paddy Cronin
20. Martin Mulvihill, Mick Moloney
21. Gene Kelly, Gus Collins
22. Mike Preston, Jack Coen, Charlie Coen, Mick Moloney
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Sorry, Peter, this one’s already been listed.
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Feck, it surprised me it wasn’t there. They changed the title didn’t they? Dropped the ‘instrumental’ and messed up the searches.
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Yep, and it’s worth pointing out that the reissue of the original 1977 album omitted Martin Mulvihill’s ‘The Clare Hornpipe’.
# Posted on July 30th 2012 by Scutcher