Out Of The Blue

By Alan Kelly

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Track 10

On track 10 the order is actually
1.The Harsh February
2.McClouds Farewell

Mick dwyers

Any info on the tune Mick Dwyers recorded on the Alan Kelly CD ‘Out of the Blue’ would be appreciated
It sounds like it is a four part jig. Cant find any reference to the tune in the session listings

Re: Out Of The Blue

I second this. Mick Dwyers is a great jig. It is played with the Tar Road to Sligo on the Kelly CD. I have been unable to find the music for it. Help!

Re: Out Of The Blue

Completely different “Mick Dwyer’s”, Paddy - I just listened to it. It is indeed a very fine jig, and with 4 parts, as Peter Grubb said above 3 years ago.
If no one else posts it in the next few days, I’ll have a go.