In Jig Time!

By Brenda Stubbert

  1. King George V
    The Devil In The Kitchen (Strathspey)
    Miss Drummond Of Perth
    My Brother’s Letter
    Bobby Winston’s Tune
    The Weasel
  2. Kylebrack Rambler
    Ashley MacIsaac’s
  3. Lester Stubbert’s
    Cameron Chisholm
    Jenny Bowser
  4. Francis Xavier Kennedy MacDonald
    Archie Menzie’s
    The Clydesdale Lasses
  5. Johnnie Sullivan’s
    Malcolm Finlay’s
    Sleepy Maggie
  6. The Laird Of Cockpen
    The Grand Mira
    Down The River
  7. Memories Of Russell Fraser
    Goose Cove
    Miss Gordon’s
    Jenny’s Nettles
    The Lasses Of Stewarton
  8. Teviot Bridge
    Stool Of Repentance
    Portree Bay
    Donald Maclean Of Lewis
  9. Archie Neil Chisholm
    Barbara Magone’s Visit
    Stephanie Wills
    Memories Of Dougald MacIntyre
  10. Brenda At Southwest Margaree
    Traditional Old
    Rita’s Tearoom
  11. Peter Poirier
    The Haddington Assembly
    John Dan MacPherson
  12. The Iron Man
    The Cameron Walker
    The Contradiction
  13. Leo And Catherine Murray
    Peter And Doreen Chiasson
    Rannie MacLellan

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