Traditional Irish Dance Music

By Joe Derrane & The All Star Céilí Band

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  1. Haste To The Wedding
    The ConnaughtMan’s Rambles
  2. When The Kettle Boils Over
    Leg Of The Duck
  3. The Girl I Left Behind
    The Rakes Of Mallow
  4. Fire On The Mountains
    The Cook In The Kitchen
  5. Blackberry Blossom
    Bonnie Kate
  6. Derry
  7. The Gay Gordons
    Canadian Barn Dance
  8. The Liverpool
    Off To California
  9. Job Of Journeywork
  10. The Keel Row
  11. Green Grow The Rushes O
  12. Red Haired Boy

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The All Star Ceili Band

I rescued this recording a few years ago from the sale wall in the back of a local mall music store. It is a short ‘tape’ with only 12 tracks. Inside the Jacket is a note from Paddy Noonan thanking those who helped him “Make this project possible”, My impressin is that the recording is of Joe and George Derrane from the 40’s and fifties…The way it is produced also gives that impression. The tape was released in 1992 by Copley Irish Recordings.

I cannot stop listening to the tunes

I had ordered the casette from as a “side item”, just because it was so inexpensive. Nevertheless, since I got it I listen to the great tunes from this casette. Joe Derrane plays the button box here in the old melodeon style.

I recently found out from a friend of mine that Joe returned to Irish music just a few years ago after being away for a while…he lives near Buffalo New York and has been seen playing out regularly…a great feat for a gent in his 80’s.

He was encouraged by another friend of mine (Joel Cowan of Traonach ) I was told that Joe spent a month straight ‘in-the-cabin’ working on his licks, away from everything that could distract him from his practicing…what a cool thing to do!

Joe Derrane

To correct the misinformation above, Joe Derrane was born in 1930, making him about 75 years old, not in his 80s. His return to Irish music was over ten years ago (1994) when he was 64. And he lives in Randolph, Massachusetts, about 15 miles south of Boston. He’s lived there for at least the last ten years and probably much longer.

Many thanks…guess you can’t trust all your sources…esp. when it comes word of mouth.

A later duplication ~ & those notes

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Copley, DWL 9-601. C. 1953?

Accordions - Joe Derrane & Jerry O’Brien
Piano - Johnny Connors
Banjo - George Derrane
Whistle - ?

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