The Night Of The Fair: Traditional Irish Music From Sliabh Luachra

By Dan Herlihy And Friends

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  1. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    The House Party
  2. The Mountcollins
    Julia McMahon
  3. The Shady Road To Clamper
    Pa Paddy O’Sullivan’s
  4. Sherwood Rangers
  5. Molly, The Pride Of Rathmore
  6. A Letter From Home
    Papa’s Pet
  7. The Night Of The Fair
    Willie O’Connell’s
  8. Pa Paddy O’Sullivan’s
    Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan’s
  9. Back Of The Forge
    Echoes Of Killarney
  10. Bridget McRory
    Bould Thady Quill
  11. Glountane Monument
    Glountane Monument
  12. Gowlaun
    The Cottage In The Grove
  13. Charming Quarry Cross
  14. Boys Of The Town
    Boys Of The Town
  15. Rathduane
    Hare In The Corn
  16. Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan’s
    Padraig O’Keefe’s

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Dan Herlihy & Friends

Traditional Irish Music from Sliabh Luachra

Dan is joined on this LP by:
Christy Cronin - Singer
Denis O’Connor - Banjo
Con Moynihan - Fiddle
John Drew - Mando Cello
Tim Browne - Bouzouki
Cormac O’Mahony - Guitar
Dan O’Connor - Fiddle
Paddy Brosnin - Bodhran
Joe O’Connell - Bodhran

Tck 1 - tunes learned from Mickey Duggan, Fiddle player & a pupil of Padraig O’Keefe
Tck 2 -:
- 1st tune - composed by Eamon Flynn, Mountcollins Fiddler
- 2nd tune - from Paddy Cronin
Tck 3 - :
- 1st tune from Jack O’Connell, Fiddler
- 2nd tune a favourite of Concertina player Pa Paddy O’Sullivan
Tck 4 -:
- 1st tune from Denis O’Keefe, Accordion player
- 2nd tune from Piano Accordion player Neily Vaughan
Tck 5 - Song
Tck 6 - from Paddy Cronin
Tck 7 - :
- 1st tune from Banjo player Denis O‘Connor, whose Fiddling father learned it from his Fiddle teacher, Padraig O’Keefe
- 2nd tune from Castleisland Fiddler Willie O’Connell
Tck 8 - both tunes named after their composers.
Tck 9 - :
- 1st tune from fiddler Dan O’Connor
- 2nd tune from fiddler Tom Carroll
- 3rd tune from Dan’s mother Molly, who was a fiddler.
Tck 10 - both tunes from Paddy Cronin
Tck 11 - These Polkas are inscribed on Padraig O’Keefe’s monument.
- 1st from fiddler Sonny O’Riordan
- 2nd from Accordion player Jack Cillins
Tck 12 - two reels from Paddy Cronin
Tck 13 - Song
Tck 14 - Two versions of thois jig. Common one & Sliabh Luachra one
Tck 15 - two slides from playing of Denis Murphy
Tck 16 - :
- 1st from ‘Cuz’ Teahan
- 2nd from Fiddler Maurice O’Keefe