Champions Of Ireland - Concertina

By Denise Shiels

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Denise Shiel - Champions of Ireland - Concertina

Sorry, I’ve lost the LP & only have a cassette copy of it, which means I have no details for you & can’t find anything on Google about Denise.

I have this. Never heard of Denise Shiels but she’s good.

I Don’t Know = Jerry’s Beaver Hat
Hearty Boys of Ballinamore = Bill Collins’ Jig
Reavy’s = Hunter’s House
Bells of tipperary = New Policeman
Storyteller = Sailor on the Rock
Tom Spillane = Humours of Ballyconnell
Leitrim = Haunted House
Rambling Pitchfork is not the popular version that we have here in the database. It’s a different tune altogether.

Rambling Pitchfork on this album is infact the Bride’s Favourite.

darn, i just stumbled across this on the internet, bought it and today played it for the first time, hoped this site would have info. no idea where she is from, but she sounds very clare a la paddy murphy or tommy macmahon on the old “clare concertinas” lp….i.e., playing the melody in the modern “across the rows” fingering, but keeping bass effects or other ornamentation very clean….this really sounds a lot like paddy murphy, ha….fascinating….

ok, here is a snippet from a web page which appears to be a several-years-old project to do some kind of history of concertina playing. heavy on english anglo players, and light on irish players, but denise shiel is one of the names mentioned: page link below. galway. fascinating. i THOUGHT she sounds a lot like tommy mccarthy or paddy murphy. galway would be close. lovely stuff. modern “cross row” playing, but very light old-style ornamentation and minimal bass stuff. my favorite sound.

Denise Shiel (from Galway, on RSE Records RSEC 035, 11 Station Rd Dublin 5):

Denise Shiel (from Galway, on RSE Records RSEC 035, 11 Station Rd Dublin 5):

it is apparently “shiels,” with an “s” at the end.

and here is a tad more. this from a review of an accordion recording…she seems to be a virtuoso of box as well…..another by her in the same “champion” series as this concertina recording:

“….Denise Shiels, we’re told, “hails from Kilimor in the beautiful county of Galway”….

I just got it via an email notification from All Celtic Music Glasgow. Not bad for £6.70 + £1.50 p&p.
part of a series of 13 from Connoisseur music.

I like her style and agree with comments above. I played along to it yesterday. Not too flash but nice lift. Sometimes a bit hurried but expected on a solo budget production. Great for learning tunes with no intrusions from accompanists etc.

I rate it quite highly as I like this type of concertina playing.

Does anyone know who Raymond J Smyth the Producer is ? Published by Connoiseur Records 2003. maybe recorded a number of years earlier?

Raymond Smyth

Hi there
Raymond J Smyth is a songwriter from Raheny, Dublin. He also produced those albums. He also wrote Ireland’\s entry to Eurovision in 2000. “Millenium of Love” He founded “THe Raheny Band” and later “Brogue” both traditional Irish music bands in the 1970’s and 1980“s. He also owned a Music school in Raheny. I hope this helps you.. 🙂

Thanks invenery that’s a helpful lead I’ll pursue, Mike