Tickled Pink

By Savourna Stevenson

  1. Tickled Pink
  2. Logan Water
  3. The South Wind
  4. Molly MacAlpin
    Planxty Irwin
  5. Till An Crodh, Faigh An Crodh
    Cha Bhi Mi ‘Gad Thaladh
  6. High Road To Linton
    Chanter’s Tune
  7. Trip We Took Over The Mountain
  8. Parthenia
  9. The Monaghan
  10. The Auld Noost
  11. Jalan
  12. Hag With The Money
    Sleepy Maggie
  13. Lament For A Blind Harper

Three comments

Savourna Stevenson - Tickled Pink

On Springthyme SPRC 1016
With Aly Bain & Frank Usher

"Savourna was born in West Linton & now lives in Peebles.
She has been playing the Scottish Small Harp since she was a child but is now regarded as one of it’s leading exponents.
This is her first solo album."

Is it available on CD as when I was looking for a copy could only find cassette?

Savourna Stevenson - Tickled Pink

If you get the cassette you should be able to transfer the contents to cd. That’s a good idea, anyway, for cassettes that get played a lot and will consequently wear.