Mo Chairdin

By Paul Brock

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Paul Brock - Mo Chairdin

With Maeve Donnelly, Manus McGuire, Carl Hession & Christy Dunne.

1992 on Gael-Linn

Mo Chairdín

I was never a big fan of Paul Brock’s style of playing but having listened to this album, it’s grown on me a little bit. There is a nice selection of tunes and some versions I’ve never heard before. Supporting artists are good too.

Mo Chairdín Revisited

One year later and a whole lot wiser, I thoroughly recommend this album to fan’s of the old melodeon style of accordion playing. Paul Brock instills life into the tunes he plays, which are top class. He has a great knowledge of the old recorded musicians of the 20s and 30s and recreates this style on this album. I believe he has a high regard for tunes like barndances and waltzes which would back this up. It’s hard to give a general review on this album because his style is very much rooted in the old melodeon tradition and those musicians recorded nearly a century ago but I personally think its a fantastic album and sheds a new light on an accordion tradition that isn’t seen too much these days.

Cailín Deas Crúite Na mBó

I notice that track eleven is missing a link to the tune. It is available at

The version at that link is the waltz derived from the air, Cailín Deas Crúite Na mBó, which Brock plays beautifully on the album.

I have added a transcription of the air, as played by Brock, in the comments section of that tune.