Music for Sets - Vol. 1

By Temple House Ceili Band

Three comments

Some corrections

Tk. 3 - Gatehouse Maid is actually The Galtee Rangers.
Tk. 6 - It’s two slides. The full track is called Seamus Creagh’s slides. The first one is Seamus Creagh’s followed by Going to the Well for Water.
Tk. 7 - It’s two slides, not polkas.
Tk. 11 - Following the Shaskeen and Sligo Maid is Cregg’s Pipes.
Tk. 14 - Speed the Plough is also known as Cronin’s. It’s not the other version.
Tk. 17 - The first fling is Green Grow the Rushes and the second could be The Keel Row.
Tk. 18 - There is an 18th track on my Cd. It is two hornpipes. Murphy’s and Walsh’s (though they call it Jackie Daly’s).

Absolutley great stuff from the players.

More corrections

3. Dillon Brown - Callaghan’s (Reels)
6. Teahan’s Favourite - Going To The Well For Water (Slides)
7. Is it The Priest You Want? - Unknown (Slides)
8. Jack Ryan’s - The Gullane (Polka’s)
10. Dennis Doody’s 1- Where Lilies Bloom - Mrs Crowley’s (Polka’s)

I can’t get enough of this CD sheer brilliance.