Music for Sets - Vol. 2

By Temple House Ceili Band

Three comments

Track 13

Since posting this I have been working on the tunes & track 13, consists of two Polkas:
Johnny Leary’s & O"Keefe’s

I couldn’t find the 1st here, but the 2nd is here as O"Keefe’s:

X: 1
T: Johnny Leary’s?
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: Polka
K: Dmaj
f2 f>e|dg B2|A/B/c/d/ eA|f e/d/ cA|
f2 f>e|dg B2|A/B/c/d/ eA|1 d2 de:|2 d2 de||
fa gf|ed e2|A/B/c/d/ eA|f e/d/ cA|
fa gf|ed eA|A/B/c/d/ eA|1 d2 de:|2 d2 d2||


The Old Silver Spear is better known as The New Mown Meadow

The link from The Old Siver Spear in the track listing takes you erroneously to The Silver Spear, rather than The New Mown Meadow.