North Amerikay

By Dale Russ And Finn Macginty

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  1. Old Joe’s
    The Cliffs Of Moher
    The Clips Of Mohair
    The Slightly Less-Informed Maid
  2. The First Of May
    The New Century
  3. Far Away In Australia
  4. McLoughlin’s
    Langstern Pony
  5. Heather On The Moor
  6. Mulcahy’s
    The Rose Bush
    Seamus Creagh’s
  7. North Amerikay
  8. The Ashplant
    The Woman Of The House
    The Man Of The House
  9. Blind Mary
  10. The Shamrock
    St. Ann’s
  11. Gan Ainm
    Johnny Mickeys’
    The Drake
  12. The Briar And The Rose
  13. The Gooseberry Bush
    Julia Delaney
    Mother’s Delight
    Patsy Hanley’s
  14. Lullaby For Rory

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Re: North Amerikay

Track 1 tune 3 is a reel version of The Cliffs Of Moher