Irish Traditional Music Of County Clare

By Bernard O’Sullivan And Tommy McMahon

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Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon play Irish Traditional Music of County Clare

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All credit to these two men who helped keep Clare Concertinas & this music alive during the years before it became trendy to play this music, on these instruments.

Amongst my favourites, superb and joyous…

Hey, guys - 1 more tune for a “Full House”. Any one want to fill it in ?

“The Clare Set” ~ #5

1.) “The Russell Family”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 01

2.) “Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon: Clare Concertinas”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 02

3.) “Chris Droney: The Flowing Tide”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 03

4.) “John Kelly: Irish Traditional Concertina & Fiddle Music”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 04

5.) “Tommy McMahon & Bernard O’Sullivan: Irish Traditional Concertina Music of County Clare”

6.) “Irish Traditional Concertina Styles”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 06

Discussion: Clare concertina re-releases on Free Reed ~ 5 w/extras

# Posted on August 8th 2007 by bc_box_player

I have all the LPs these are based on, but this offers welcome additions ~

All 6 recordings include EXTRA TRACKS the LPs do not have!!!

They are marvelous!!! ~ Highly recommended!!! 🙂