Frozen River

By Dagger Gordon

  1. The Annie R. Lord
    Cursing The Midges
  2. The North Coast
  3. The Black Dance
    Sucky Bids Me
  4. Cath And Kenny’s Wedding
    The Bugbear
    Neil Gordon’s
  5. The Dingwall
    The Bouncy Castle
  6. The Gentle Rain
  7. The Frozen River
    The Thaw
    Bursting The Banks
    Down To The Sea
  8. The Far Away Grandchild
  9. Keltikora
    Lady Susan Stewart
  10. The West Mile
    Donald Gordon’s
    The Tree House
  11. The Wee Twister
    The Spiral Staircase
    Roy MacAngus
  12. Bonnie At Morn
  13. Colin Gordon’s March
  14. The Toe Rag

Four comments

Fine mandolin album

This was the second album by the fine mandolin player Dagger Gordon. Well worth seeking out.

Dagger comes here from time to time and has been recorded by Aiden Cossey for his project on Mandolin players.

Aye John - Aid(a)n C(r)ossey even ( 🙂 ) Although I’m sure he won’t mind folk thinking of him as being cosy! 🙂

Aye, you can check out his Mandolin project at:

As for Dagger, he’s one class musician & I had the good fortune to be in sessions with him a few times, up around ‘Inverschnecky ‘& Dingwall.

Aidan Crossey

Sorry about that. Just typing in too much of a hurry.

Do you remember the "Black Donald" days, Dick?

Hey, just funnin’ about the spelling John.
Fraid I didn’t get up to the wilds of Inverness until after the Black Donald days.