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2005 album by Flook. Recommended

Does someone have the abc or dots for “the house of little lights?” I know its relatively simple, but I figured if someone else had it, it would save me from asking Brian or Sarah.

I’m not sure the “Peter Street” that’s linked to here is the tune they play on track 5, “Asturian Way”. It sounds like something they probably wrote, and I don’t think Flook ever plays anything traditional. Great tunes on this CD, though, by the way. I love Road to Errogie the most.

I feel stupid for asking that now, as I’ve read more into it… is their “Peter Street” already here in the database?

The ‘Peter Street’ on ‘Haven’ was composed by Sarah Allen and Brian Finnegan and has nothing to do with the other tune in the database bearing the same title.

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