By Leahy

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An amazing Canadian celtic/rock band. Sadly has dabbled in vocals (modern).


More like celtic/pop, not rock.

“Sadly has dabbled in vocals”

!?!? I think their vocals are awesome! I mean, yes, it is modern and all that, but it’s still really awesome! IMHO.

You can hear samples off the album on Leahy’s site: http://www.leahymusic.com/samples/


Colm Quigley

Leahy is AWESOME!!!

Just an FYI that I just found out after looking for it: The second tune in Colm Quigley (track 9) is Maybelle’s Compliments To Cameron. It is listed on the discography only as “Tradition Strathspey”.

Colm Quigley

ya… i’m with Ben… Leahy’s awesome… the best band since…. well… ever… um… anyone know where to find the music to Colm Quigley… the last song in that tune?

TRACK 1 : What’s the 1st reel??

Can anyone tell what the title of the reel which opens the medley?