Cherish The Ladies Live

By Cherish The Ladies

  1. The Cat’s Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan
    The Otter’s Nest
    Richie Dwyer’s
  2. Mal Of Lismore
  3. Red-Haired Girl
    Eagles Rock
    The Laughing Spoon
  4. The New House
  5. Sir Hugh Of Graham
  6. The Level Plain
  7. Fear An Bhata
    The Priest
    Des O’Connor’s
    Repeal Of The Union
  8. Banks Of The Roses
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
    The Morning Dew
  9. Cronin’s
  10. Bridget Cruise
    The Mountain Top
  11. The Galloping Hound
    Cat’s Meow
  12. The Keg Of Brandy
  13. Follow Me Down To Galway
    Captain Rock’s
    Good Morning To Your Nightcap
    The Old Dudeen
    The Blue Britches