Joe Cant’s Reel

By Gwendal

  1. Joe Cant’s
  2. An Dro
  3. Benoit
  4. Galway Bay
  5. Rue Du Petit Music
  6. Galway Hills
  7. Da Scalloway Lasses
  8. Crystal Palace
  9. Douze Degrés
  10. Le Coucou Migrateur

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Joe Cant’s

Frank_Flute just posted the title number of this album. Released in 1975 it might be the best Gwendal produced ever at least in the point of view of the folk police 😉
Maybe it was called Benoit, too, both names appear on the cover, with a ver y nice cartoon of the group by Claire Bretecher, one of the stars of the BD of the time.

This record was rereleased as a double 33rpm album together with "Irish Jig". I do not know about any CDs.

Youenn Le Berre, head of Gwendal, is a flute wizard on its own and a very innovative musician. I think he was involved in many projects after Gwendal, like the Techno-Pop of StoneAge, baroque-irish crossover project O’Stravaganza or Mugar a project melting celtic and berber sounds and Rythms….