Shaskeen Irish Pub Session

By Shaskeen

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Shaskeen Irish Pub Session

This is a DVD video of the Shaskeen Band playing a session in Fox’s Pub before an audience. There are no “tracks” as such on the DVD but the various sets can be accessed on a dvd player by going to the “chapters”. The DVD serial number is DVD615 and it may be purchased online at Usefully, the DVD is PAL format on one side and NTSC on the other.
The band line-up is:
Tom Cussen - banjo, who introduces each set with a few words
Pat Costello - vocal, guitar, mandolin
Eamon Costello - flute
Conor Keane - accordion
Benny O’Conner - drums, bodhran

Unlike CDs, one may play along with this DVD and see the musicians as they play.

trevor if you take away the types of tunes in brackets e.g. (reels)
then more of the links will show up cause i know for sure that the foxhunters is in this site.



Shaskeen Irish Pub Session

Thanks, Sam, I’ve deleted the tune types in parentheses (except for “song”), as you suggested, and more links now show.

Shaskeen Irish Pub Session

Since the tune types are now no longer listed in the Details it’s convenient to marry them up with the tune names as follows (in the order of playing):

Paddy Gone To France
Farewell To Erin
Darby’s Favourite
Humours Of Toomagh
The Camerones
Pigeon On The Gate
The Foxhunters

Lark In The Morning
Gallaghers Frolics
Richard Brennan’s
Battering Ram
Ballinacura Hare
Keane’s Delight

Cock And The Hen
Humours Of Whiskey

Selection from Co. Clare
Selection from Co. Kerry

Thomond Bridge
The Souvenir

Shaskeen Irish Pub Session

Just a small correction there, Trevor. It was Eamon Cotter, not Costello, on flute.

Shaskeen Irish Pub Session

Thanks, Mike. That’s not the first time a publisher has got important information wrong on a record sleeve 🙂

Shaskeen irish Pub Session

It’s a nice light hearted DVD. I really enjoyed watching it being a big fan of the group.


It’s available as a CD too.

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Cock and the Hen

Could somebody help on this tune on the DVD - it sounds like a 2 part version of Kid on the Mountain. Is that correct or does it have another name?

Track 14…..

…is 4 reels. “Crowley’s” links to the correct tune, the 2nd is “Lord McDonald’s”, the 3rd is “The Cameronian”, and it finishes with the version of “The Mason’s Apron” commonly associated with Kevin Burke and Jacky Daly.

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I meant Track 3.

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