In China

By The Chieftains

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If anybody can wants to identify the tunes in the medley I would like to edit the tunes list!

Chieftains in China

Recorded in 1983 published by Claddagh Records 1984.
There is couple of nice pictures on the covre, too. All Chieftain musicians in people’s army uniforms….
This was years before China become the sweat shop for Wal mart products….

Track 5…..

Track 5 - The “core” tune, which they return to in-between individual solos, is “Castlekelly”.

1st solo - Paddy Moloney - “The Three Sea Captains”

2nd solo - Sean Keane - “The Hunter’s House”

3rd solo - Derek Bell - slow air, I don’t know the name

4th solo - Matt Molloy - “Jenny’s Chickens”

5th solo - Martin Fay - slow air, I don’t know the name

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