New Day Dawning

By Cherish The Ladies

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Lord Mayo

This is not the tune on the Album, New Day Dawning. The track is an Air and not the March (or Polka as it is also incorrectly listed)shown in the tune search.


The tune called Ashmalean House is also recorded by Kevin Crawford and others as Ashmolean House. I suppose those ladies spell it differently.

According to the liner notes of “In Good Company,” Kevin learned it from New Jeresy Fiddler, Willie Kelly. Wouldn’t surprise me if Mary Rafferty (also a Jeresyite) learned it from him and taught it to the rest of the band.

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Cheris the Ladies, Galway Rover

Does any of you experts in ITM know what tune is played as intro (and outro, and in between) in Cherish the Ladies’ Galway Rover on the recording: New day Dawning?
I have searched the ‘tunes’ section and ‘recordings’ here on the Session but couldn’t find it.
I don’t know if ‘dicussions’ is the right place to ask for such matters. If not could you recommend somewhere?
Cheers, the weather is aweful.

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Re: New Day Dawning

I believe that in track 3, the semond tune, “The Ballinakill Ditch”, is the same as the jig “Green Forest.”

Re: New Day Dawning

Second tune