Shady Woods

By Tommy Martin

  1. The Dublin Lads
    The Flags Of Dublin
    The Four Knocks
  2. The FIrst Slip
    Hardy Man The Fiddler
    The Yellow Wattle Slip Jigs
  3. The Cloone
  4. Molly From Longford
    The Wise Maid
  5. The Shady Woods Of Truagh
    Jack Wade’s
  6. Wallop The Spot
    The Leg Of The Duck
    Temple Hill
  7. The Maple Leaf
    The Man Of Aran
  8. Richard Dwyers
    Late In The Night
    Jack In The Box
    Seamus Thompson’s
  9. Sgt. Earlys
    The Shady Woods Of Old Limerick
  10. Terry Heigh Ho The Grinder
    The Rakes Of Drumlish
  11. Eleanor Kane’s
    The Gooseberry Bush
    The Spinners Delight
  12. The Fox Chase
  13. Green Grow The Rushes O
    The Jolly Banger

Two comments

Musicians include,

Bernie McDonald on Guitar,
Eileen Gannon on Harp
Patsy O’Brien on Guitar
Kevin Buckley on Fiddle

The last track features Tommy playing Uilleann Pipes, Fiddle, Flute, Banjo. Kevin Buckley drove the drums for this one.

Hi Tommy, I’d love to get a copy of the new album, is it available in Ireland just yet? Hows things out in McGurks? Must make a trip out there again some time this year or next.