By Eilidh Shaw

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  1. My Dad Paddy
    The Handsome Young Maids
    Joe Foster’s
  2. Maggie Cameron
    Just For Gordon
    Ludovic Morrison’s Favourite
  3. The Seventieth Year
  4. The Tron Playboy
    The Sunset
  5. The Fiddle Cushion
    Xuan De Mieres
    An Drochaid Chliutach
  6. Margaret Chisholm’s
    Davie’s Brae
    Hoddam Castle
  7. The Duke Of Roxburgh’s Farewell To The Blackmount Forest
    Glen Of Lismore
    Perth Hunt
    Tail Toddle
    Countess Of Elgin
    Sleep Soond Ida Morning
    Glen Ogle
  8. For Eugine
    Kathryn Nicoll’s
  9. Inveran
    Fiona Ferguson
  10. The Heights Of Cassino
    Ishbel T. McDonald

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Eilidh Shaw

Eilidh Shaw is from the west coast of Scotland where she was brought up deeply immersed in traditional music. From a large musical family whoich includes brother Donald Shaw of Capercaillie fame, she was encouraged to play, stay up late and generally adopt a musician’s lifestyle from an early age. She was strongly influenced at this time by alcohol and serious criminals and this is apparent in her incredible magnetism for musical mayhem. For example, Eilidh plays alongside Simon Thoumire, Malcolm Stitt and Kevin MacKenzie in traditional folk band "Keep it Up", the well known all-girl group "The Poozies the fun-filled Harem Scarem, Shetland pop band "Drop the Box" folk jazz fusion group "John Rae’s Celtic Feet", Irish fiddle legend "Liz Doherty" and her fathers Scottie Dance Band. In the course of her musical collaborations she has recorded several CDs and eventually in 1997 was persuaded to complete her first solo album titled ‘Heepirumbo’.

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Snippets of tunes

Hello Eilidh - is it possible to hear any samples of
you playing - I play bodhran and keyboard and it would be great
to play along - perhaps there is a cd !!
Seasonal Greetings and kind regards - Jack