Four On The Floor

By Natalie MacMaster

  1. Spey In Spate
    Forth Bridge
    Fox Hunters
  2. Unknown
    Cronin’s Favorite
    Buttermilk Mary
  3. The Headlands
    Captain Campbell
    Callam Breugach
    King George (V)
    O’er The Isles To America
    Sandy Cameron
    Cape Breton’s Welcome To The Shetlands
  4. Tripping Up Stairs
    The Knights Of St. Patrick
    One For The Record
    Shandon Bells
  5. Happy Go Lucky
    Fred Wilson’s
    Carnie’s Canter
  6. Dougie MacPhee’s
    Tom MacCormack
  7. Amelia’s
    The Fir Tree
    Miss Gordon Of Fochabers
    The Pondville
  8. Blackberry Blossom
    The Red Haired Lass
    Ormond Sound
    Twilight In Portroe

One comment

Four on the Floor — correct tune links

The sixth tune of the third track is actually the Amix reel “Sandy Cameron.” –

The last tune of the fifth track — despite being played by MacMaster as a reel — should actually link to the hornpipe version of the “Saratoga” because MacMaster matches most of the pitch content given in AOG’s Fmaj setting. –

The first tune of the eighth track is played by MacMaster as a clog and should link to the less common Gmaj reel setting of “The Blackberry Blossom.” –