A Rival Heart

By Mark Evans

  1. The Fisherman’s Song
  2. Cedars Of Lebanon
    The Pipe Dream
    The Youngest Daughter
  3. Bonnie Light Horseman
    O’Carolan’s Welcome
  4. John Boyle’s
    Karen Tweed’s
  5. A Rival Heart
  6. Bells Of Tipperary
    The Muster Cloak
  7. Helen Of Kirkconnell
  8. Jack Coughlan’s Fancy
    Rolling In The Rye Grass
    Darby’s Farewell
  9. The Bantry Girls’ Lament
  10. The Departure
    The Street Player
  11. The Death Of Queen Jane
  12. Killoran’s
  13. The Parting Glass

Two comments

Gotta give the love to anyone with a Baltimore or D.C. connection. I realized that on the comments section for another CD from a Baltimorean, I mentioned that I knew nothing about Mark Evans. Well, since that time I bought his CD and met the man so my previous comment is no longer true.

Mark sings, and plays flute, bouzouki, and whistle on this CD. He is joined by guests (all with a Baltimore/ D.C. connection) Billy McComiskey (accordian), Zan McLeod (bouzouki, mandolin, guitar), Andy Thurston (guitar, tiple), Jim Eagan (fiddle), Dave Abe (fiddle), Eliot Grasso (uilleann pipes, low whistle), and Myron Bretholz (bodhran).

Originally from England, Mark has spent time in various countries, including a stay during the late 90s in the Baltimore/D.C. area, a stay which presumably gave rise to this CD.

According to the liner notes by Billy McComiskey, "Mark here shows his versatility with an exquisite inaugural performance of songs from Britain and Ireland. His masterful renditions have a distinctive lyrical grace; they are rich and powerful, vivid yet subtle, with gorgeous details in the arrangements. His skill is equally apparent in the sets of dance tunes where he finds that elusive balance, retaining the essential character of the Irish traditional music while adding exciting and original accompaniments."

My less eloquent opinion is that he’s just a really good singer and flutist/ whistlist/ bouzouki-ist, and that you should buy this CD.

For more information about Mark and to find this recording, check out www.rivalheart.com

Links to the other artists

If you’re too lazy to do a search for recordings by the guest musicians on this CD:

Eliot Grasso: https://thesession.org/recordings/display.php/847

Jim Eagan: https://thesession.org/recordings/display.php/831

Billy McComiskey: https://thesession.org/recordings/display.php/932
(also check out Trian or the Irish Tradition)

Myron, Zan, Andy, and Dave all in their own right can also be found on countless other recordings as well, but frankly, it would take too long to list all of those.

Oh, and the functional link for Mark is http://www.rivalheart.com