Virtuoso Of The Irish Accordion

By John Kimmel

  1. Minor March
  2. Medley Of Straight Jigs
  3. Fitzmaurice
  4. Medley Of German Marches
  5. American Cakewalk
  6. Medley Of Irish Jigs
  7. Oh Gee! Medley Of Irish Reels
  8. Indian Intermezzo
  9. New Tipperary March
  10. The Blackbird
    Rights Of Man
  11. Geese In The Bog
    Trip To The Cottage
  12. Medley Of Popular Reels
  13. Homeward March
  14. International Echoes

Seven comments

John Kimmel

This album by the legendary *Irish Dutchman* is a treasure. His virtuosity on the D melodeon remains, I feel, unmatched.
He has had a major influence on players like Joe Derrane, Jerry O’Brien, Philippe Bruneau and Jackie Daly who, I believe, recorded his own version of Fitzmaurice Polka.
The CD from Folkways comes with excellent liner notes and I highly recommend it. Kimmel’s art shines through despite the sound quality. The recordings date back to the 20s after all.
Folkways F-RF 112
Available from

John Kimmel ~ some cylinder recordings, WAV & MP3

The University of California, Santa Barbara
The Donald C. Davidson Library
The Department of Special Collections
The Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project

As of this day, there are 32 cylinder recordings available. Enter for search ‘John Kimmel’ ~ et voila!

Can someone please fix the mistake on track 2 so it can link to the tune please?

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Re: Virtuoso Of The Irish Accordion

Updated tracks 10 and 11 based on liner notes from the cassette.

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Re: Virtuoso Of The Irish Accordion

There are now loads of recordings of John Kimmel on youtube, at least 40 at present.

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