Wish You Were Here

By Boys Of The Lough

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  1. The Barmaid
    Chase Her Through The Garden
  2. The Lark’s March
  3. The Red Haired Man’s Wife
  4. The Resting Chair
    Leaving Glenurquhart
    The Fairy Dance
  5. The Full Rigged Ship
    Naked And Bare
  6. The Chuilfhionn
    The Athol Highlanders’ Farewell To Loch Katrine
    Lady Mary Ramsay
    The Spey In Spate
  7. Micky Docherty’s
    The West Clare
  8. On Board Of The Victory
  9. Lady Livingstone
    The Iron Man
    The Humours Of Tulla
  10. Mary McMahon
    The Galway Rambler
    The Castlebar Tramp
  11. The Glasgow Police Pipers
    The Curlew
  12. The Green Fields Of America
    The Bag Of Potatoes

Two comments

This is a pretty old recording of sets from the Boys’ Highlands and Islands Tour, dating back from the days when Robin Morton still played with the band. Strangely enough, though, I can find no copyright date on the sleeve of my vinyl copy. It was originally released, at least in America, on Flying Fish Records (FF 070). Very good album.

Oh, since the names there don’t help much, I should also add that set 7 is a slip jig, followed by a reel, concluding with a two-step.

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Gorman’s Two Step

Gorman’s Two-Step here is just a different version (fast and rhythmically altered) of the slip jig usually known as the Promenade.

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