The Seventh Step

By Galldubh

  1. Midnight Paddlers
    Dark Horizon
  2. Horny Peanuts
    After Eight
    The Moose
  3. Touch Of The Tune
  4. Donegal
    The Hairy Dogleaf
    Albert Road
  5. The Seventh Step
    Mixolydian Ming
  6. The Burrow
    La Bouteille Dr Derriere Les Fagots
  7. Nice And Easy
  8. Hob Knobs
  9. Nocturnal Conquest
  10. Gaia
  11. The Red Bull Effect
  12. Run
  13. Yvonne’s Happy
    The Ballcarriers
  14. Paddy’s Rambles Throught The Park
  15. The Well Fed
    The Fruit Pastille

One comment

I’ve had this one for about a year now, listening to it at the moment for the first time in a while, and it’s still as fresh as ever. Brilliant musicianship, can’t praise it highly enough.