The Very Best Of The Claddagh Years

By The Chieftains

  1. The March Of The King Of Laois
  2. The Musical Priest
    The Queen Of May
  3. An Paistin Fionn
    Mrs. Crotty’s
    The Mountain Top
  4. Tabhair Dom Do Lamh
  5. The Morning Dew
  6. Bean An Fhir Rua
  7. John Kelly’s
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker
    Denis Murphy’s
  8. Mná Na hÉireann
  9. The Walls Of Liscarroll
  10. Sonny’s
    Tommy Hunt’s
  11. Samhradh, Samhradh
  12. George Brabazon

Two comments

Mr’s Crotty’s Reel and the Mountain Top follow “An Paistin Foinn”.

There are 3 missing tracks here:

- Strike the Gay Harp, Lord Mayo, Lady on the Island/Sailor on the Rock

- Three Kerry Polkas (Kerry Polka, Murroe Polka, Ballydesmond 2)

- The Foxhunt

Track 10 starts with “Sonny’s mazurka”, which is on this site, but the site will not allow that name to be entered in the “Do you know this tune by another name?” box.