Irish Accordion

By Joe Derrane

  1. The Salamanca
    Clancy’s Fancy
  2. The High Level
  3. The Union
  4. The Rambler
    The First Night In America
  5. The Echo
  6. The Mason’s Apron
    Buckley’s Fancy
  7. Jackson’s
  8. Taylor’s
    Cronin’s Rambles
  9. The Collier’s
    Maurice Casey’s Fancy
  10. The Harvest Home
    The Bird In The Tree
  11. The Fisherman’s Widow
    Devine’s Favorite
  12. The Merry Blacksmith
    The Limestone Rock
  13. John Kimmel’s Favorite
    Accordion Fantasy
  14. The Boys Of The Lough
    The Long Strand
  15. The Showman’s Fancy
  16. Peter Feeney’s Dream
    The Flower Of The Flock

One comment

"Joe Derrane: Irish Accordion"

Rego Records / Copley CD

Beaumex, MBCD 561, 1993

The original 78 recordings of Joe Derrane remastered for release on CD and including notes by Philippe Varlet.